Spin Class 38 – Use this to vamp up your workout!

I taught this (sweaty) class Sunday morning and want to share it with you.  Feel free to use the music and/or class structure for a killer workout on your own!  Enjoy!

1. Rain Dance – The Very Best with M.I.A.

Warm up on flat road.  Set your intention for your ride, check in with your form, and get into the groove.

2. Miss You Much – Janet Jackson

Continue your warm up, adding a touch of resistance but keeping up the pace.

3. Tell Me ‘Bout It – Joss Stone

Lifts.  Rise out of the saddle for 8 counts then sit back in the saddle.  Keep this up for about 10 rounds then move faster with your lifts rising for 4 and sitting for 4.  Add a turn or two of resistance throughout.

4. Map of Problematic – Muse

First climb!  Add a BIG turn to the right 3 times and get up your first climb of the ride!

5. Heartbreaker -MSTRKRFT

Flat road — NO DOWNHILL! – see your finish line beyond a LONG climb up ahead, pick up your speed, close your eyes, and FLY.

6. Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Yeah baby.  Get to your finish line faster with four 20 second sprints at the :48, 1:38, 2:27, and 3:39 marks.

7. Time to Pretend – MGMT

Turn your resistance to the right five times making this your climb.  Stay in the saddle and feel the burn on that last minute.

8. My Girls – Animal Collective

You’re so not done with that climb.  Five more minutes of a kick ass hill.  This is the hardest part of the class – take the challenge!  Get to your finish line.

9. Just Like Heaven – The Cure

You made it.  Take the resistance all the way off, thank yourself for working SO HARD on that climb, flush out the legs, and recover.

10. Stamp Your Feet – Donna Summer

Rolling Hills!  Load on resistance for three 25 second climbs at the :49, 1:37, and 2:41 marks.

11. Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz

More sprints!  This time, add resistance and, if you’re feeling it, rise it out of the saddle for three 20 second sprints at :48, 1:35, and 2:23.

12. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Last climb of the class.  Three BIG turns to the right, rising out of the saddle within the first minute to end the class strongly!

13. I Believe in You – Cat Power

Recover and catch your breath.

14. Scenic World – Beirut

Stretch and cool down.  Thank yourself for working SO HARD!

Check out my class schedule here.

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