I just got back from a soulful West Coast vacation.  This was my first time in California, the first time to touch the Pacific Ocean, and the first time in quite a few years I took time off that was simply for ME. I realized, a few months ago, that I was living a very rooted life in New York.  For some reason, I was constantly making my commitment to New York and my work a priority and forgot to make myself a priority.   A simple conversation a few months ago suddenly stuck a chord with me, allowing me to realize that leaving New York was just as important as having a commitment to my clients, students, home, and New York life.  I returned feeling relaxed and like I had rejuvenated my spirit.

Sometimes finding the time for ourselves is a challenge.  I know how that feels.  Since being back, I’ve noticed a few changes in how I approach my life in New York.  I left an hour early for a client so I could walk through Central Park,  I slowed my pace while shopping for food in the Union Square farmers market, and I scheduled an hour long lunch with a friend.   These may seem small but, I feel a difference in my daily life and energy level because of these small differences in the way I have been approaching life.

The best feeling in the world was the excitement I had to return to my students, clients, and co-workers.  I feel blessed to love my job and I look forward to being with all of you whether you are a client, student, or a reader throughout this holiday season and into the new year!

As far as California.  Here are a few photos I’d like to share!

Redwood Tree

Day trip to Big Basin National Park. Inside a Redwood Tree.

Watching the sun rise in Santa Cruz. (I was jetlagged and wide awake before 6am.)

Driving up highway 1, a stop along the way.

Gorgeous day in front of the Golden Gate.

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