Taking That First BIG Step

Taking That First Big Step

Lately I have been aware, more than ever, of how thankful I am to be in my line of work.  My students and clients truly inspire me.  When I see them face their fears or take on a new challenge, I am in awe.  When I see inward growth radiating into outward beauty and confidence, I am reminded of our ability to use movement to transform our mind-set, our bodies and–ultimately–our lives.  While I see many successes every day, I also witness people take that first big step to begin their own journey toward a more balanced life.

Acknowledging Necessary Change

One of the hardest things to do in life is CHANGE.  Even harder is admitting the need to change.  I remember being directly out of college, working as a restaurant hostess, and living a stressful and unhealthy life.  After one summer of this lifestyle, when fall began, I realized my pants did not fit.  I was disheartened to realize I needed to lose 15 pounds however, I was finally able to acknowledge my lifestyle needed changing.  I realized I needed to make adjustments–some small and some major.  I quit my restaurant job, resolved to eat healthier, joined a gym, and found a fitness routine that helped me shed the extra weight.  I began to live healthier and feel happier.  Ultimately, this lifestyle change led me to begin working as a personal trainer.

Sometimes, Making Lifestyle Adjustments is Scary

Here’s the thing: you’re not an idiot for being afraid of your gym.  Believe it or not, I know the feeling.  I know what it is like to fear the 10 pound weight a trainer asks you to suddenly press over your head, or how intimidating it can be to walk onto the weight lifting section of the gym feeling as if everyone is watching you.  It is intimidating!

I remember feeling fascinated when I could actually lift the 10 pound weight over my head.  What astonished me even more was that shortly afterward, I was choosing to lift the 12 pound weight.  Sometimes, what is hard is that initial step into something we fear.  In the case of working out, what do you have to lose?  As myself, my clients, and my students have experienced, you risk the loss of a deeper understanding of your body, a new-found appreciation of your life and lifestyle, a chance to relieve stress, and greater strength and flexibility.

It is OK to Ask For Help

If you are feeling this article speaks to you, then I’d like to encourage you to take that one big step in the direction you feel and know you need to. Remember, asking for help is sometimes necessary.  Whether you hire a trainer, make a commitment with a work-out buddy, or approach your fitness teacher with a question, asking for help is all a part of moving forward.

If you are feeling like you want to make a change surrounding your health and fitness, please contact me.  We will talk about your goals and connect about the right next steps for you to take in your life.


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