Top Five Holiday Tips

1. Breathe.

2. Make to-do lists.

Holiday lists keeping you up at night?  Keep pen and paper by your bed to jot down any last minute “to-dos” you think of.  Keep your lists in a visible place so you do not have to keep reminding yourself of all “things to do”.

3. Remember how heart centered and warming this season is.

It’s Christmas time.  A time for family, friends, laughter, and joy.  Embrace the spirit and smile with the season.

4. Say no if you need to.

You may not be able to make it to every holiday party or gathering.  It’s OK to say no.  Be honored for the invite but take care of your needs during this season where it is so easy to become burnt out.

5. Keep your exercise habits and routine.

It’s not fun to come out of the holiday season feeling uncomfortable in your body and like you have a lot of work ahead of you to lose holiday weight.  Keep your exercise habits going strong during this busy time.  Take time for YOU while also balancing out the extra holiday calories.  Need ideas to keep the balance?

Here you go:

a. Be the inspiration for your family, friends, or out-of-town guests to take an afternoon brisk holiday walk.

b. Be easy on yourself.  Set an intention to maintain your weight.  Don’t make huge goals to actually lose weight during the holidays.  “Breaking even”, by making balanced choices, is a fabulous goal this season.

c. Holiday party with heavy foods and drinks last night?  Let the next day be full of detoxifying vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and plenty of water or decaffeinated tea.

d. Keep those fitness classes or personal training sessions scheduled!  If anything, add in some extra classes or sessions for YOU centered around your body.

e. Stretch.  Keep your body limber and stress free.  Any twisting stretches will help with digestion.

f.  SWEAT.  Can’t get in a full hour to work-out?  Bump up your intensity level for a shortened “cardio blast”.

Need help?  Never hesitate to contact me with ANY questions.

May you all be blessed and happy this holiday season!

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