Ease Into Your Power Year

Are you finding the new year transition to be overwhelming and stressful?Are you feeling frustrated you haven’t met your 2010 goals?

Do you have your new goals in the back of your mind but can’t quite take the leap into big changes?

I realized, a few days ago, I was being hard on myself for having not reached my new goals yet.
I asked myself if I need to be more radical with my approach.  I wondered if I need to work harder, make bigger changes, or put myself ‘out there’ more.
Then I remembered that these are resolutions I have made for the ENTIRE YEAR.
How wonderful we have a full year to make small steps that will lead into bigger changes resulting in inner and outer growth!
With this realization, I resolved to simply be easy on myself.
And so with this said, I encourage you to seize your day, seize your year, but be easy on yourself.
I read recently that 2010 is bound to be a power year.  Let’s all be powerful beings this year!
However, let’s decorate our power with faith, respect for how far we’ve come, bold enthusiasm, ease, and balance.

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