Reclaim Your Balance

Find Your Balance this February

This past weekend I took myself on a date to see the New York City Ballet perform “The SleeLincoln Centerping Beauty”.
As I was walking up toward Lincoln Center, I suddenly remembered how much I used to take myself to ballets and dance performances.
While I was moved by the gorgeous dancing and live music, it also felt refreshing to reclaim something that was once very important to me.

One of my favorite song quotes is, “Maybe everything that dies, someday comes back.”

Do you have something in your life you’d like to reclaim?

–  A more healthy lifestyle?
– An old friend or family member you have lost
contact with?

– A hobby or trade you have let go?

You could be feeling the thick of winter and wishing for light to be shed into your life. Maybe you are recovering from having a baby and want to reclaim your body.  Perhaps you are recovering from a physical injury or illness. Maybe you are recovering from an emotional injury such as loss, depression, or heartbreak. Perhaps all is well but you realize there are certain aspects of your life that you miss.
There is always a time and place for a calling back to ourselves.  I’d like to encourage you to take a few moments and simply write down what you would like to reclaim in your life.
Keep it simple or keep it big.
Your choice.
After you have written down these goals ask yourself, “Can I bring this back into my life?”

All you have to do is say YES.
(Now say it three more times; Yes, Yes, Yes.)

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