Sometimes, The Strongest Workout Requires Letting Go.

Working Effortlessly

Everything in life takes work.

Relationships, careers, keeping a comfortable home, having a fit and healthy body, raising children, and eating healthy, just to name a few.

What if the work we are required to do in life was effortless?

I am often reminding my clients to release tension while executing exercises. Effortless work requires a sense of letting go, which inspires the simple act of being in the present moment.

Looking for a more balanced and in-the-moment workout? Try to connect with the idea of working effortlessly next time you walk into your fitness class, personal training session, or gym, by remembering these 5 tips:

1. Find Your Perfect Match

Who can think twice about attending something they love? Being passionate and joyful about movement is the key for effortlessly working up a sweat, feeling your heart beating, and journeying into a stronger body. If you’ve found your ideal class, personal trainer, workout partner, or gym, then cherish it. If you are feeling uninspired by your workout choices, think about searching around to find your perfect movement match.

2. Set Your Intention

Take a moment to connect in with the reason you are working out. Is there a particular goal you are trying to achieve? Let that goal and that intention carry you through your workout.

3. Talk To Yourself

Maybe not out loud but, connect into what exactly you are doing. Are you standing and doing a bicep curl? Before initiating the exercise, connect your mind and body by drafting out what exactly is going on in your body.

Bicep curl:

– Feet are rooted into the ground.

– Shoulders are directly over hips.

– Navel is reaching toward your spine for core stabilization.

– Bending at the elbow, hands are bringing your weight to your shoulder.

– Arms then extend completely.

– Shoulders remain dropped, head and neck relaxed.

– Breath is moving.

The body wants to work efficiently. This dialogue will help clear any extra tension or unnecessary movement.

4. Open Your Heart

In this world, we are all hunched over at our desks, commuting to work, caring for children, etc. During your workout, focus on keeping your heart literally and physically open. This will help broaden the chest which inspires correct posture.  For an example, instead of running on the treadmill with your head leading the way, lead with your heart.  Feel the difference in your posture, stride, and energy.

This also may bring up some emotions. Leading with the heart opens up the heart chakra, making us more vulnerable than we may be comfortable with. If you find yourself asking what you are opening your heart to besides better posture, remember the intention you set for yourself at the beginning of your workout.

5. Let Go

Do you find you are forcing your body into a particular exercise, pose, or even meditation? Instead of using brute force and willpower, remain mindful and try trusting your body. Let go of expectations to allow your movements to energize and revive you as opposed to depleting and draining you.

Challenge yourself however, simply BE fully present in your own body.  You may find your body is stronger than you think it is!

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