Do You Sabotage Your Fitness Goals?

I realized in June that I was in the habit of stopping short just before reaching my personal fitness goal.
I was fearful of trying my best and seeing no results and decided that instead of being held back out of fear and self-doubt, I would take the challenge of truly stepping into my physical potential.
I completely changed my diet to a more balanced and healthy one.  I began taking supplements, I asked for help from an acupuncturist, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer, and I drafted out my ideal workout plan.The biggest question I needed to answer for myself was not the what but, the how.
I knew I wanted to feel better and look stronger but I needed to follow through with the steps to do this.  I’m here to share what changed for me to finally reach a fitness goal that I’d spent years and years sabotaging.

1. Ask for help.

I know I give this advice all the time but I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have guidance, support, and a program catered just to you.
We all need help.
Who wants to do all of this alone?
I asked three different practitioners and one close friend for their guidance and support.  What started as a change, soon became a healthy habit but, I did not get there alone.

2. It is not about work, it is about commitment.

The first time I heard this phrase it struck me as very simple yet powerful. Challenging your physical potential isn’t about the work; it is about the commitment to yourself, your body, and your personal goal.  When your goal is turned into something you are achieving as opposed to work you have to schlep through, your results will be bigger and more soulful.
Commit to yourself and your dreams.

3. Be reasonable with your plan.

When I was (alongside my personal trainer) making my plan to reach my goal, I wrote out a 2-week workout plan.  When I got to the 3rd week, I began to feel overwhelmed. Instead of letting the “overwhelmed feeling” take over, I kept my plan at 2 weeks and set reasonable personal goals.  Once the 2 weeks was up, I seamlessly wrote out a 4-week plan.
Lesson: do what works for YOU, what YOU feel you can take on and really master.


One thing I’ve learned to get out of the habit of saying is, It’s not happening.
Some things take more patience than we think we have.  It is not easy to change your body, diet, or habits.  However, I changed that phrase into one that propelled me forward as opposed to held me back by saying, It is happening.
Not, It’s going to happen or, It’s not happening or, One day I’ll get there but simply, It is happening.

5. Know that you are worth it.

You deserve to feel stronger, healthier, and better in your skin.  (I will repeat it one thousand more times if you don’t believe me!)
It is not materialistic or selfish or superficial to want to feel good about your body.  Your feeling comfortable with your body is a powerful, satisfying, and divine feeling.  It is real and important. YOU deserve to feel that right now.


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