Exercise of the Month: Hip Bridge

The Hip Bridge is my absolute favorite exercise for awakening and activating your glute muscles.  When done correctly, you’ll feel your hamstrings engaging first and then your glutes firing.  This exercise is perfect to do while warming up before a a run, a work-out, or as part of a regular exercise program.

1. Start with your spine in neutral along the floor, knees bent, and soles of feet on the floor.

2. Tilt your pelvis so your lower back presses into the floor and begin to pour weight into your feet, activating your hamstrings.


3. Continue to press your feet into the ground as you lift your hips up to the sky.

HIPBRIDGE4. The challenge is to keep your back neutral.  When your spine stays nice and long and does NOT go into spinal extension, you will have to fire your glutes to begin lifting your hips higher until your hips are in extension.


5. Refrain from over-arching your back, splaying your ribs, or rolling up onto your neck.  Find, what we call in Pilates, your thoracic shelf (upper back) to roll up on.


6. Keep abs engaged the entire time to keep pelvis stable and spine supported.


Make it more challenging!


LEGLIFTHBBegin marching one leg up into tabletop at a time WITHOUT dropping hips and without letting your pelvis rock side-to-side.  Your supporting leg glute muscle will really have to work and your obliques on the opposite side will have to work a lot to help keep your pelvis stable.

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