Get Floored, Baby!

charlotteblake2forwebYou CAN have amazing sex after giving birth!

Through my work with mothers of all different backgrounds I have discovered that one of the biggest concerns you face is the strength and vitality of your pelvic floor, and the fear that your sex life has been forever altered. This is why my health and wellness practice has evolved into a specialization in abdominal diastasis and pelvic floor rejuvenation.

The truth is that you CAN restore your pelvic strength and have amazing sex after giving birth!

I am going to be offering several group workshops in this area in 2013 and want to invite you to the first.

When: Sunday, January 27th at 2:00-3:30pm
Where: SHAG Brooklyn: 108 Roebling St.
Register and learn more:

Our time together will include:

  • Introduction to Pilates based exercises for your core and pelvic floor
  • Explanation of why having a diastasis can compromise your pelvic floor and why it is important (and possible!) to heal and strengthen both
  • Breath work instruction
  • One-on-one guidance among a community of like-minded women
  • Clear explanation of what exactly those Pelvic Floor Rehab “toys” are and how you can use them to help you heal

My goal is that everyone who attends will be given a full opportunity to get answers and learn take-home tools to heal and emerge…fully empowered and ready for the next chapter of your life.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly. I would love to speak with you about this, and hope you will join me!


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