Exercise of the Month: The Teaser

The teaser is one of my favorite abdominal exercises!  I’ll first explain the teaser peal-back which is called Balance Point and then I’ll explain the infamous Teaser.

Balance Point

Balance Point

Balance Point (good for beginners or new-moms who are just beginning to do flexion exercises again after healing their diastasis)

Begin in the Balance Point position which is: balanced with knees bent and legs off the ground, in a C-curve, balancing just off your tail-bone, and wrapping hands around the back of your thighs. Keep your elbows bent and feel biceps working as you first exhale, draw navel to your spine, and then slowly, SLOWLY articulate through your spine and control your torso down to a supine position. Make sure each vertebra articulates one at a time.

Inhale and breath wide into your back before your exhale to slowly peel your spine off the floor, C-curving up into your Balance Point position.

Repeat 5x



Teaser (good for anyone who wants to feel a challenge and good work-out through Pilates)

Lie on your back with knees bent into a table-top position.  Inhale to prepare.

Exhale and slowly lift head and shoulders up as you reach navel to spine, imprint your lower back into the mat, and peel your spine off the mat. Slide shoulder blades down your back as you reach your arms forward.

Inhale and lift your chest while keeping your C-curve in your lumbar spine.

Exhale and begin to scoop your lower abdominals back as you roll back onto the mat, sequencing through the spine.

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