Charlotte believes there is a time and place for the simplicity of movement to inspire greater clarity, change, and balance.

A personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and founder of Mama Moves Post-Natal Pilates at Nimble Fitness, Charlotte has been a part of the ever growing Nimble Fitness since 2007.  She has been a trainer and Pilates instructor, trained at the Kane School of Core Integration, since 2005 and continues to grow in her work with students and clients who strive to live healthy, balanced, and confident lives.

Charlotte’s interest in working with the body stems from her extensive dance training.  Charlotte moved to New York to dance and graduated with a BFA in Dance from Purchase College.  Still a dancer, her passion for movement coupled with the opportunity to work with people creates a career that she approaches with dedication and commitment.

Charlotte focuses much of her work on leading women into more confident and healthy lives.  She loves working with women of all shapes and sizes, guiding them toward their physical dreams and goals.  Charlotte is also honored to be a practitioner who focuses on working with the pre/post-natal community.  Charlotte chooses a progressive, honest, and up-to-date approach when working with pre/post-natal women.  She guides pre/post-natal women while they focus on reclaiming their bodies and lives, healing the diastasis, and on pelvic floor strengthening, rehabilitation, and healing.

Not only do women feel a  positive difference in their bodies, but they also have support from Charlotte who offers heartfelt encouragement, information, and thoughtfulness throughout their personal journey.

Charlotte hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to need to lose weight or to feel intimidated by gyms, exercise, or new ways of moving.  Before becoming a personal trainer, she went through her own wellness journey of changing her diet to a much more healthy one, asking for help from a Holistic Health Counselor, and committing to practicing yoga, swimming, and working out at a gym.  Charlotte remembers what if feels like to have no idea what a squat or bicep curl is!  With this background, Charlotte understands the importance of taking the time and thought to get to know her clients and determine what movements will best serve them and their bodies.  Her work extends beyond just “getting in shape.”  Charlotte crafts her sessions to move seamlessly from core work to body work to more dynamic movement.  The fluidity of her instruction leaves her clients and students feeling challenged, relaxed, grounded, and stronger.  Charlotte believes in educating her clients about their bodies by offering individual attention and information allowing one to truly inhabit and gain awareness of one’s body.  She wants all her clients to truly step into and gain ownership of the  individual power of their own bodies and lives.

Charlotte trains and teaches mainly out of Nimble Fitness in the Union Square area in NYC.  She is honored to teach Spin, Nimble Fusion, and Mama Moves Post-Natal Pilates at Nimble Fitness as well as being a part of the Nimble Team by contributing newsletter articles and regular blog posts.  Charlotte also issues a monthly personal training newsletter through her website, charlotteblakenyc.com, offering useful wellness tips and articles for clients, students, and friends to stay connected.