“Working with Charlotte has been an incredible experience for both my physical and mental health.  I came to Charlotte to balance out the general cardio and strength training work I was doing with specific stretching and strengthening. Charlotte got me so much more in touch with my body. She has an incredible intuitive ability to identify areas of tension and articulate how to open those areas up. Thank you so much, Charlotte!”
– M. Acupuncturist and Mama


“Charlotte worked with me through two of the biggest events of my life – my wedding and the birth of my first child.  In addition to whipping my body into shape for the wedding, she provided me with wonderful prenatal training and gave me the confidence and motivation to stay connected to my body throughout the processes.  I highly recommend her, not just for her skillful training but for her warm and personal encouragement.”
– Laura, marketing director and new mom


“I have been doing spin for over a decade in dozens of gyms all over the United States, and Charlotte Blake is without a doubt one of the top instructors I’ve been blessed to have for my almost-daily cycling workouts. Her spin sessions are off-the-hook intense and always fun (from start to finish). Charlotte’s music is awesome and inspiring and her professionalism is a perfect fit for experience riders such as myself, and all the newcomers who want to try her out after hearing all the great things people in the gym continually say about her class. I leave her spin class knowing and physically feeling I experienced everything from the workout I had set my goals to achieve, thanks to her.
– Cary Waldman, Journalist


“When I began working with Charlotte in the fall of 2006, my goal was to “get fit” – basically, I wanted to shed a few pounds and gain strength at the same time. I worked with Charlotte two days a week and she had me focus both on cardio and strength-training. I enjoyed both the workouts and Charlotte’s techniques/personality so much that when she transferred to a gym that was a 20-minute subway ride away (instead of the 10-minute walk I was used to), I followed her without hesitation. I even began private Pilates sessions with Charlotte, just to mix up my routine. Then I found out I was pregnant, and Charlotte helped me remain strong and fit throughout that entire pregnancy. When I was finally able to work out again, I definitely had a more specific goal in mind: lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy body. In order to do this, I even bumped up my workouts with Charlotte to three times a week. Over the course of seven to eight months, Charlotte kicked my butt every chance she got. Not only did I get below my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was honestly in the best shape of my life at the age of 33. I felt healthy and strong, and there is absolutely no way I could have gotten to that place without Charlotte. And then I got pregnant again… By this time, Charlotte was focusing on health and fitness for pregnant women as well as new moms, and I knew I was in no better hands than hers.

Okay, enough with my long story…let me get to the heart of the matter. Charlotte became more than my trainer over the three years I worked with her. She became a friend and a confidante. She guided me on the road to health and fitness, but she also listened to my dumb stories and baby anecdotes, and she always cared. In 2006, I dreaded going to the gym, even if it was a training session…by 2009, I couldn’t wait to go, mainly to see Charlotte and catch up on our daily lives. She has seen me sweaty, she has seen me cry, she has seen me grumpy, she has seen me ecstatic, and through it all she remained the sweet, caring, even-keeled trainer she was from day one. She is truly a unique individual, and now that I am living across the country from her, I miss her, but hope that you join her on your road to “getting fit” – whatever that means for you.”
– Amanda, stay-at-home mom

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